I went to Mass last night…

I went to Mass last night; it was good and full and clean.

The prayers have changed, but the words still meant the same.

I worshipped and praised and found myself lifted. And then I wondered, why have I dragged my feet for such a long time? Why have I stayed away?

The Holy Spirit whispered in my ear and now I know why – I was looking at people instead of at God. He never fails. He never disappoints – oh, in the short term, when we do not understand His Heart, we misunderstand His motives and His means. He is slow, we say. But He is ever on time.

The Mass is the fulfillment of the Seder supper of the Hebrew Passover Feast – for Christians. Every word, every prayer, every song is knit together to reassure our hearts of the Love of God. The Bread and the Wine feed our souls. The Body and the Blood – Jesus – sustains our spirits. We are fed and surrounded by pure Light.

Oh, Father, how I love You. I thank You for loving me first.

I thank You for sustenance and the Peace of Your Holy Spirit living in my heart. For Your Holy Catholic Church where I am loved and accepted as Your child.

I thank You for the Mass. Thank You for Holy Communion. Thank You for dwelling with us in the Bread and Wine. Thank You for reaching out to us in our nakedness and shame. Thank You for clothing us, for sheltering us, for Your presence.

Thank You for giving Your life for ours. Thank you for not holding back Your Son. Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for the wisdom You are, and for the love You give us. Thank you for being with us now and at the hour of our greatest need. Amen.

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