Healthcare, Part 2

We already have a national healthcare plan that is working… Medicare is already established. Why not expand coverage to include everyone?

Continued from Tuesday, May 9, 2017, blog post…
It’s time to speak up for what is necessary for those who do not have wealth. We all pay taxes – even on our Social Security and Pensions. Our taxes are not paid to support 1% of the population, but 100% of the population. Universal Healthcare is the only sane answer.
The funny thing is, we already have universal healthcare for people 65 and older. It is working. Yes, it needs some tune-ups, but it is still proven successful. Starting over with a new healthcare plan makes no sense. Rather, extend Medicare to all Americans. Across the board. Preexisting conditions are covered and exhausted lifetime limits don’t count. No deductibles. 100% coverage.   
Make it work like an HMO in preventing disease. Make it work like a PPO in freedom to choose doctors. Make it work by paying back the money borrowed from the program over the years. Make it cost effective by encouraging innovation and research. Make it attractive to healthcare personnel by paying a fair wage.
The United States is one of the world’s most powerful and wealthy countries. Medical advances happen daily in the United States. Here, of all places, proper healthcare should be an inalienable right. Provide the proper structure to support healthcare for all Americans. Extend the Medicare program to everyone, regardless of age, profession, or health status. 
Support the program through a flat Medicare tax paid by every American over the age of 18. Withhold it from Social Security payments, earnings, or other income. Exactly the way it already works. Provide the same care for homeless individuals, widows, and orphans, at no cost. Provide coverage for children under their parents’ policy. Make sure no one is without protection. 
Provide vaccinations at no charge to all Medicare recipients. Provide mental health and substance abuse coverage. Provide maternity and OB/GYN care for women. Provide cancer treatments and nutritional support counseling.  Provide hospitalization and doctor visits, x-rays and diagnostic tests, surgery and physical therapy. Provide palliative and hospice care and home nursing help.  Provide prescription medications. Provide medical transportation. Provide smoking cessation programs. In short, Medicare should cover everything that affects health from conception to death. 
Americans should never have to do without medical care.  It is criminal that people die from lack of healthcare in this country. Technology and knowledge are nowhere more advanced than they are in this country. No excuse is enough to explain the lack of proper healthcare for so many people.
Only one explanation makes sense for the poor state of our nation’s healthcare – greed. Greedy pharmaceutical companies, who charge higher and higher prices for the same pills. Greedy doctors, who take kickbacks from greedy pharmaceutical companies. Greedy patients, who want more and more pills.
We’re a nation of addicts and pushers. We don’t call it an addiction – we call it medical treatment. We don’t call it pushing – we call it prescription medication. But the end result is the same. And the cost is astronomical. Look for a further post on that subject soon.
In the meantime, Happy Mother’s Day!

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