We all need a strong belief system…

Whether you’re a Christian or a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, an atheist or a practitioner of something else, you and I and everyone else on this planet are alike in at least one trait…

We all need something to stabilize our lives. Something that works as an underpinning. A skeleton on which to build everything else that comes along in life. Things that impact us emotionally, like relationships and education. Work history. Culture. We need the structure to build a life that is satisfying and fulfilling.

We need an emotional base that allows us to stretch and grow without risking too much of what we have already achieved. As adults, this includes a strong personal belief system that guides our decision making processes. A compass to navigate by. A rock to be trusted for our safety.

Because underneath it all, we’re vulnerable and we know it. When I’m alone in my bed at night in the dark, I know that to be ever truly alone would be terrifying. I guess that’s why I fill my life with others – to keep from being truly alone.

I don’t mean the times when you find yourself without a companion for an evening. I don’t mean without someone there. I mean alone, as in no one knows who you are or that you exist. No one to turn to in a time of crisis. No one to catch you if you fall. All alone. Independent of another.

I enjoy times of solitude. I’ve attended a couple silent retreats and found them restorative. I meditate and practice yoga, both solo activities. I write. Another solo activity. I spend much of my day on solo pursuits. This is not what I mean.

To be truly alone – as in no one at all knowing if I live or die – that’s what is desolate to me. I guess those thoughts are what drive me to Jesus. I need that safety net for my emotions – for my being. I need to trust that I am not alone. I need to trust that I am known. I’ve grown to trust Jesus. He is the only God I’ve known.

I don’t always trust. I go through periods of wondering that sometimes devolve into doubts about my beliefs. I doubt the reality of my faith. I doubt the illusion of a happy life. I doubt the fidelity of my mate’s love. I doubt the depth of my love for him. The truth of the love of Jesus is what saves me from all my doubts.

I suppose that’s why I allow others their safety nets. They have as much right as I to a sense of security. To the peace that accompanies a trusting relationship. No matter the belief system we follow, we each need the strength of knowing that someone has our back.

What gives you security? Answer by leaving a reply.




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