What Should We Do Next?

We are one People on the Earth. We all breathe oxygen, need fresh water and food, crave safety and security. We bleed red blood. Our organs are the same. We look different on the outside, but we are all human on the inside. We all deserve to live in peace. Yet there is no peace in America – or the world. There are protests and factions and demonstrations and wars. Some are about things like abortion and religion. Some are about the future of governments, of countries, of our world. Everyone seems to want to storm away to their own corner to pout.

Whoa. We are hacking away at the boat we are all trying to ride together. What sense does that make? In truth, Earth is our lifeboat in the cosmos. And we are all privileged passengers. All together. No one group of people is any more important than another. The kind of thinking that separates people into factions leads to wars.

I believe it’s useless for Americans to try to separate themselves from the rest of the world. There is no fence high enough, no wall deep enough, no border that someone cannot breach. People will do anything to get inside the one place on Earth where they believe they can pursue freedom. They will come even if we build a wall. Maybe especially because we build one.

Instead of thinking “mine first,” I believe we need to think “my neighbor first.” Instead of praying for yourself and your family and loved ones, pray for all people. Pray for all people who have suffered losses. Pray for all people who are without homes. Pray for all people who need work. Pray for all people who need food. Pray for all people who need safety and security.  I believe God will bless our families and friends, but only as we pray for others. I believe God is searching the Earth for people who love others more than they love themselves. I hope God is not disappointed.



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