My approach going forward in America…

Today is the fourth day since President Trump took office. Saturday was the Women’s March in NYC, LA, London, Paris, South Africa –  even Antarctica.  Millions of women (and men) the world over marched in solidarity with  American women. I did not march. I admit – I don’t do well in crowds. Squeezed into a throng of others makes me more than anxious. But that’s not the only reason I didn’t march.

I didn’t march because I’m ambivalent about this political climate. I’m wary of our new President; he seems to represent things I am against. Like the use of fossil fuels in increased measure. Like denying that climate change is real and that man is contributing to the process. Like the closing of our borders to our neighbors, Canada and Mexico. Like strengthening the police presence in our country. Like repealing the Affordable Care Act. These are issues I care about and that make me feel insecure. But I am hopeful.

I hope that America prospers under President Trump. I hope that the disenfranchised find their voices and make themselves heard. I hope that our new leadership listens. I hope that our people represent themselves well in the world and at home. I hope that America continues to lead the cause against tyranny. I hope that all the peoples we have worked so hard to support become strong enough to stand on their own. I hope that our political parties stop calling each other names and begin to cooperate. Because it’s past time for the American people to be responsible and mature. Party-ism only continues to hurt us all. I’ve been guilty, too. But it’s time to move on.

I am withholding my judgment of this administration. They must have enough time to prove their course of action. I will be watching. I go into this next four years with my eyes and ears wide open. As this administration does something good for the people, I will speak up and say thank you. I will offer praise and thanks to the ones responsible for helping America grow toward peace, within and without. Likewise, every time this administration does something that hurts America’s people, I will also speak up.  I will sign petitions and write letters and make phone calls. I will make my voice heard with others who protest, with those who have the vote and those who don’t.

In truth, we should – no, must – all be of the same mindset toward our government: it must serve the people or we fail. If we all watch and contribute, our country will grow stronger. If we trust to blind faith in our leadership, we risk failure. It takes every citizen to run this great country because democracy demands participation. Not just on election day. Every day. Every night. Every citizen should handle his own corner of the country so that it works well with the rest of the country. This is how we build our country strong. This is how we work together for the common goals of prosperity and peace. So I wish President Trump success and on a grand scale. I pray God blesses him as he leads our country forward into the future. May God bless America. May every American bless God.


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