Seeking gentle hearts and souls.

Dear Reader:

Welcome to my blog. If this is your first time here, get comfy. Maybe get a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Settle in for a few minutes of relaxation and rest. My close friends describe me as calm and accepting. I hope you will, too.

Just a little about myself. I grew up in Tucson, Az. The desert is calm. I absorbed that calm until it became my nature. Not easily flustered, I enjoy helping others find their inner peace and outward pursuits. I am fulfilled when those around me are happy.

I retired six short months ago. My husband, Keith, and I moved to Yuma from Southern California – back to the desert after 35 years in suburbia. The calm is seeping into my soul again and I am at peace. Now I want to share that calm and peace with you, my tribe.

I am dedicating my blog to those of you who are gentle souls. Who love others and animals. Who try to make the world a better place. Who care about what happens to those who walk with us and those who will come after. Who do whatever it takes to give others peace and happiness.

Who are serious but have a sense of humor. Who are interested in self-development and growth. Who are kind to all creatures. Who make a special place in their heart for the underdog. Who give to charity,  help others, and love children.

You are my tribe. You are the ones I identify with, the ones I love. You are the audience I write for.

If you identify with the values I mentioned, sign up to receive my blog posts. We will seek and grow together. I promise that I will share the truth I know with you and learn from your truth along the way.


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